Hey there!

I'm Ben Yan, a photographer based in Seattle, Washington. 

My artistic journey is shaped by a nomadic upbringing, a quest for belonging, and a perpetual search for a sense of place. With a camera in hand, I navigate the streets guided by an innate attention to emotionally resonant scenes. I'm particularly drawn to capturing instances of connection, serendipity, and solitude, aiming to evoke a spectrum of feelings from nostalgia to wonder.

Driven by aspirations in filmmaking, I aspire to freeze-frame moments that mirror scenes from an imaginary movie. Each image is an open invitation for viewers to immerse themselves and weave their own stories based on personal experiences, sparking dialogue between the image and the observer.


For clients, I specialize in candidly capturing people in their natural environments, celebrating the essence of individuals within their familiar surroundings. If this sounds up your alley, drop me a line

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